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Low Bed Truck Customer Reviews


With 16 years of technology accumulation and 27,000 semi-trailer manufacturing experience, TITAN has become China's best manufacturer and exporter of special trailers and truck trailers.

TITAN semi trailers have successfully entered more than 80 countries. Such as Tanzania, Mozambique,  Malawi,  Zimbabwe, Zambia, Algeria, Sudan, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Senegal, Argentina , Chile, etc.

Are you looking forward to buy best truck trailer to fit your budget and requirements?

Check 2021 best semi trailer reviews to make a comparison up to you.

Gurpal from Tanzania

I purchased a TITAN lowbed trailer and I couldn't be happier with my decision! This 3 axle lowbed trailer has exceeded all my expectations and made transporting heavy equipment a breeze. The build quality is top-notch, durable, and reliable. The lowbed design makes loading and unloading smooth and hassle-free.

TITAN lowbed trailer:

Mukuka Kabungo from Namibia

Let me tell you, I was blown away by the TITAN 3 axle 60t lowbed truck trailer! As someone who works in the transportation industry here in Namibia, I know a thing or two about heavy-duty trailers. And let me tell you, this one exceeded my expectations. The build quality is top-notch. You can tell that TITAN really put a lot of thought and care into designing this trailer. It's sturdy, durable, and can handle some serious weight.

Overall, I would highly recommend the TITAN 3 axle 60t lowbed truck trailer to anyone who needs a reliable and high-quality trailer for their transportation needs. It's definitely worth the investment!

Rohman from Indonesia

I am very pleased with my experience with this tri axle lowbed trailer with folding ramp! Just purchased one and have been using it for a while and it has lived up to my expectations of high quality and durability. Tri axle lowbed trailer is designed to be very sturdy and able to withstand the stress of heavy-duty transport. The hydraulic folding ramp facilitates loading and unloading of goods and reduces the labor intensity of staff.

More lowbed trailers:

Habib Shammout from Kenya

I gotta say, I am seriously impressed with the TITAN 4 axle 100 ton low loader trailer with hydraulic ramp! This thing is an absolute the best - it can handle some seriously hefty loads with ease. The hydraulic ramp makes loading and unloading a breeze, and the overall build quality seems top-notch. 10/10 would recommend!

Adrian from Zambia

This is the third time I have cooperated with TITAN, and Jacky is still as efficient and fast. Provide me with the best solution. I use TITAN 4 axle lowbed trailer to transport excavator, and I feel it is very sturdy and durable.

Kalitong from Philippines

My friend recommended me to buy the TITAN low bed semi trailer. Specially used one month for feedback. The quality is indeed very good and very solid. The very simple and efficient way to transport equipments.

Farayi from Zimbabwe

I purchased this tri axle lowbed trailer after extensive research and watching quality reviews on Facebook and different forums. Like many others here, the transport job went great and I thought I'd found an amazing trailer that was perfect for me. For the price this is a super nice lowbed trailer. I feel it is money well spent.

Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer Customer Reviews - TITAN VehicleLowbed trailer for sale:

Nurhussen from Ethiopia

I trust TITAN semi low loader trailer very much.There is no problem with the low loader truck quality, the logistics and delivery are fast, the after-sales service is very enthusiastic, and any problems can be solved very well.

Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer Customer Reviews - TITAN VehicleTri axle low loader trailer:

Sebetlela from Botswana

I received the 4 axle lowbed truck trailer today and everything looks intact. It’s commendable that TITAN can customize my own lowbed truck trailers for me according to my needs. I hope the 4 axle lowbed trailer for sale can bring me good luck.

Bathonyile from Nigeria

I have been using TITAN truck trailers for 5 years. Very suitable for African roads. They are very professional. good quality.  I will continue to buy 3 axle trailers for my business this year. This is also the third time I have purchased a truck trailer at TITAN.

Basomba from Congo

The roads in Africa are very bumpy. This tri axle 60 tons low bed truck is the most bumpy-resistant semi trailer I bought. This is the third time I have cooperated with TITAN, and Barry is still as efficient and fast. Provide me with the best solution.

60 tons low bed truck trailer:

Mahamat from Benin

Fonctionne très bien dans les transports jusqu'à présent. Je recommanderais ce modèle si vous avez besoin d'une remorque à plateau. Maintenant, après seulement quelques mois, je suis prêt à ce que TITAN achète une autre semi-remorque à plateau.

Kibamana from Angola

We finally received the tri axle drop deck trailer and the trailer was not damaged during transportation. Now drop deck semi trailer is working well. We are ready to place a new order with TITAN.

Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer Customer Reviews - TITAN Vehicle

Khodor from Guinea

Nous avons finalement reçu la remorque d'excavatrice de 50 tonnes. La remorque de pelle a été expédiée très rapidement et était bien emballée. Et maintenant, la remorque d'excavatrice fonctionne bien. Nous sommes prêts à passer une nouvelle commande auprès de TITAN.

Aira Krystelle from Philippines

The sales manger service attitude is very good, and very professional. They answered a lot of technical questions about the 3 axle low bed trailer, and the trailer is also very good.

Tams Mario from Nigeria

I just received the tri axle 80 ton lowbed trailer and it was well wrapped in rain cloth. very perfect. It also looks beautiful. Annie is very professional and answers many questions for me. And provides a lot of free accessories. Looking forward to follow-up usage.

Abdulai from Ghana

I just received 100t lowbed trailer from TITAN. This 4 axle lowbed trailer were very well wrapped in rain cloth and there was no damage during the long transportation. And I like the 4 axle 100t lowbed trailer, I am satisfied.

4 Axle 100T Lowbed Trailer:

Simukoko from Zambia

I love this low loader trailer. TITAN sales manager Alice is quick to reply to questions and I am very satisfied with their customer service thus far. If you want to get into heavy transport this is the 650mm super low lowbed trailer for you.

Kampangwe from Zambia

All aspects of delivery and transportation went smoothly. After receiving the tri axle low loader trailer, I checked it again and found no problems. Mainly used to transport excavator, I will continue to buy more tri axle low laoder trailer in 2022.

Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer Customer Reviews - TITAN VehicleTri axle low loader trailer:

John mbaga from Dominica

Many thanks to Jacky for helping me with shipping issues with my business. I have used this 80 ton detachable gooseneck trailer for 3 years without any problems. It's the most satisfying purchase I've ever had. Due to the increase in business volume this year, I plan to continue to purchase 2 units of detachable gooseneck trailers form TITAN.

80 ton detachable gooseneck trailer80 ton detachable gooseneck trailer:

Festus from Kenya

I just received the TITAN tri axle semi low bed trailer. It looks perfect. For me, the TITAN tri axle 60 ton low bed trailer is good and cheap. If you are still hesitating which low bed truck trailer to buy, I recommend buying a TITAN semi low bed trailer. 

Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer Customer Reviews - TITAN VehicleTri axle semi low bed trailer:

Lydishia from Botswana

The service attitude of the TITAN sale manager Barry is very good. I am very happy with my 4 line 8 axle 150 ton low bed trailer and very glad I chose to start my heavy load transporting with this 150 ton low bed truck trailer. I will continue to buy TITAN low bed trailer in 2022.

Irène from Togo

La qualité des remorques de camions surbaissés TITAN est digne d'une nouvelle confiance. Après l'avoir utilisé pendant environ 2 mois, il a résisté à l'environnement hostile de l'Afrique. J'espère coopérer avec TITAN la prochaine fois.

Toleafoa from Nigeria

We've been using it for about 2 months for heavy equipments transport. With it's strong frame, safety system, and great support service, it's truly the best lowbed trailer for our transport business. I would recommend this model if you need a trailer.

Emmanuel from Guinea

After I received this detachable gooseneck trailer, I was very satisfied. The sales I talked to were very professional and answered many professional questions about this 4 axle detachable gooseneck trailer.

4 axle detachable gooseneck trailer feedback

Tamenheka from Uganda

This low bed truck trailer price is very good. The quality of high strength steel material is top notch. And the sales manager Jacky was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering all my questions and concerns.

Hafashimana Jean from Tanzania

I have received this trailer for a couple weeks now. This is the perfect tri axle low bed truck trailer and I would like to recommend to my friends. Also thanks to the staff who has helped me with the details and gave me the very helpful intros!

Low Bed Truck Semi Trailer Customer Reviews - TITAN VehicleTri axle low bed truck:

Shannon from Mauritius

My friend recommended me to buy the TITAN low bed trailer. The quality is indeed very good and very solid. The very simple and efficient way to handle and unload heavy equipment.

Amadou from Senegal

I just received the low bed trailer. It looks perfect. Every time there is any production progress on my 4 axle low bed truck trailer, Barry will send me pictures and videos. I am very satisfied with this.

SERGE from Cote d'Ivoire

I mainly transport excavator. This is why TITAN tri axle low loader trailer was purchased. I just received the low loader trailer today. Fortunately, the tri axle low loader trailer was not damaged during transportation. Now I have started to use this low loader trailer.

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