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3/4 Axle 80-100T Low Loader for Sale

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What is a low loader used for?

What is a low loader trailer?

Different types of low loader trailer

Low loader trailer advantage

Why TITAN low loader expensive?

Package of TITAN low loader

How does a low loader work?


What is a low loader used for?

A low loader is a type of trailer specifically designed for transporting heavy or oversized loads that cannot be accommodated on a standard trailer due to their size or weight. It consists of a low-slung platform, close to the ground, with a flatbed or multiple axles to distribute the load. Low loaders are commonly used to transport large construction equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, or cranes, as well as industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, and other oversized or heavy goods.

Low loader trailers have various applications in transportation and logistics, including:

1. Construction Industry: Low loaders are frequently used to transport heavy construction equipment, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and other large machinery to and from construction sites.

2. Industrial Machinery: They are employed to transport industrial machinery, such as generators, compressors, turbines, or large manufacturing components, which cannot be easily moved by standard trailers.

3. Agricultural Sector: Low loaders are utilized to transport agricultural machinery like tractors, combine harvesters, or other large farming equipment, ensuring their safe and efficient transportation between farms or to service centers.

4. Energy Sector: They are employed for hauling heavy components of power generation facilities, such as turbines, transformers, or large renewable energy equipment like wind turbine components.

5. Infrastructure Projects: Low loaders are crucial for transporting construction materials like concrete beams, precast components, or steel girders required for infrastructure projects like bridges, tunnels, or roadways.

6. Logistics and Transportation: In the logistics industry, low loaders are useful for transporting oversized or exceptionally heavy cargo that cannot be transported using conventional trailers. This includes items such as oversized tanks, industrial containers, or modular structures.

Overall, the versatility and robustness of low loaders make them essential for safely and efficiently hauling various heavy loads that exceed the capacity of standard trailers.

What is a low loader trailer?

The low loader trailer series products are suitable for a variety of mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, large tanks, power station equipment and machinery. They are widely used, efficient and fast. The whole low load trailer adopts advanced computer-aided design software, which is optimized for flexible and diverse design. The load-bearing surface of the frame is designed according to user requirements to meet the transportation of various special goods.

Low loader trailers have lowbed, concave beam and tire exposed structures, and the longitudinal beams are straight or gooseneck. The frame is stepped, and the cross section of the longitudinal beam is I-shaped, which has the characteristics of high rigidity and high strength.

The main plane of the frame and cargo platform is low, which ensures the stability of transportation, and is suitable for carrying all kinds of construction machinery, large equipment and steel. The lower the platform height of the Low Loader, the better the stability and safety. Our low loader has a large carrying capacity when transporting extra high and medium cargo. 

Used Low Loader for Sale  Tri34 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale Price

Different types of low loader trailer

The low loader trailer is a kind of machinery transport use trailer with a much lower working platform, with a high range of 400mm to 1200 mm which is also called the lowbed trailer, low bed truck, machinery transport trailer, equipment transport trailer, etc. The high of the working platform for low bed trailer usually depends on the loading capacity and the equipment that will be transported.

1. Normal type low loader trailer:

This normal-type low loader trailer is the most popular type low loader trailer with a loading capacity from 20 - 80 tons, the low loader trailer equipped with 2-4 axles, model for 13-20 ton axles. Usually equipped with the spring ladders for the machines such as the wheel loaders, excavators, or some different types of wheeled machines transportation. The high of the working platform is various from 1000mm to 1200mm.


2. Heavy duty type low loader trailer:

Heavy duty low loader trailer is almost the same as the normal type low loader trailers, only comes with a higher loading capacity normally from 80 tons to 140 tons. This type of low loader trailer is a cost-effective type low loader, usually used for those countries which don't have the special requirements on the axles load and the off-road working environment.

Used Low Loader for Sale  Tri34 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale Price

3. Dual lane axles low loader trailers:

The main specification for the dual-lane low loader trailer is its axles. The dual-lane axle low loader trailer equipped with the short axles, each line has two short axles with 8 sets of tires and rims. This type of low loader trailer is usually used for super heavy equipment transportation. The working platform length will be designed according to the machines that will be transported, tire covered, or exposed types.


Low loader trailer advantage

1. Main beam

TITAN Low loader Trailer main beam adopts Q460C High Strength Steel Material. Q460C steel has high yield strength, more durable and stronger than ordinary steel, and its loading capacity is 5 times more than the low loader which is built by Q345 steel. - Each ton of Q460C high strength steel costs double the price of ordinary Q345 steel material, ensuring that our TITAN low loader trailer will have a long service life and to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

500mm thickened Main Beam

TITAN heavy haul trailer adopts 500mm main beam, effectively increase 10% loading capacity than the normal excavator trailer which uses 450mm main beam, and ensure the main beam resistance to twisting forces, shock and bump, meet load requirements on bad road, even no road.

300mm width Main Beam 

TITAN low loader trailer adopts 300mm width main beam, increase 20% loading capacity than the normal low loader trailer which uses 140mm width main beam, ensure driving smoothly. 

Used Low Loader for Sale  Tri34 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale Price


2. Side beam

300mm Height 'I' Steel Side Beam 

The side beam of TITAN low loader trailer adopts 300mm "I beam" design, and its loading capacity is 2 times more than the normal heavy haul trailer which uses 250mm side beam.

10mm thickness Side Beam

TITAN low loader truck is produced by 10mm thickness side beam, its loading capacity is much higher than the normal low loader trailer which uses 4.5mm thickness

3. Strong ramp

The loading ramps are made of T700 high strength steel, with high loading capacity, will not happen to the deformation when carrying heavy equipment.


Why TITAN low loader expensive?

Some customers said that looking at the low loader trailer is similar, why is your price expensive? Today I will use TITAN tri axle low loader trailer to illustrate the reasons.

The main reason is the cost of production:

1. Steel is not the same.

For trailers of the same type and weight, the price will vary greatly depending on the strength of the selected steel. TITAN 3/4 axle low loader trailer main beam adopts HG high strength steel, our main beam is thicker than other brands, and the price gap is around 700 US dollars. The side beam is designed in “H” shape and welded with HG 60 steel. We use this high cost beam for only one purpose, which is durable.

2. Process costs are different.

For example, if the same tri axle low loader is produced, the cheaper manufacturer needs 15 procedures, while the expensive one may require 25 procedures. Is such a process relatively free of equipment and labor costs? In order to save time and cost, some manufacturers deal with some details at will, and finally spraying is completed, and the customer cannot see the internal details of the trailer at all.

3. Worker costs are different.

Good engineer design is good, good workshop director management is good, and good workers produce products. The details of the manufactured product are accumulated bit by bit, which also has a great impact on quality.

Used Low Loader for Sale  Tri34 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale Price


4. Different accessories.

Accessories of different brand materials will directly lead to price differences. For example, the price of tires of different brands will be different, the price of axles of different brands is very large, and the difference between foreign brands and Chinese brands will be 1500 US dollars. Besides, the rim will also cause a large price gap for 3 axle low loader trailer for sale. The application of aluminum alloy rims has become more and more popular with customers. A record of over 12 pounds has confirmed that The steel ring is about 240 kilograms light, but the price gap will also be more than a thousand dollars.

TITAN tri axle low loader trailer for sale adopt world famous brand spare part, ensure high quality and save costs. Like WABCO braking valve, JOST landing gear, FUWA axle and other small parts. Every quality accessory increases costs.

5. The paint is different.

The paint is different. Some trailers are particularly bright when sprayed out, and it is not easy to remove paint and fade in future use. And some have no gloss just after spraying, and the adhesion is not strong, it will take off the paint for a short time, then the tri axle low loader trailer will be damaged.

6. Circuits, lamps and other accessories.

Many friends said that the lights of his new 60 ton low loader trailer can not turn on after ten days of running, and the wires were broken. There were only a few copper wires in the wires. TITAN 3 axle low loader trailer use good cluster circuit and high-quality LED lamps.


All in all, under the premise of a reasonable pricing mechanism, the quality of the product determines the price. Trailers are the money-making tool for our customers to survive, so you must choose a good trailer. Prudence can’t just look at the price, but also can’t blindly pursue brand worship. Instead, we must tailor our vehicles to suit our own actual conditions. In fact, the right one is the best.


Package of TITAN low loader

As a professional low loader manufacturer, TITAN has won the favor of domestic and foreign customers for its excellent product quality, low price and perfect after-sales service. The annual output of 800 semi-trailers is enough to prove the trust and affirmation of customers.

The following is feedback from Zimbabwe customers who received tri axle low loader trailer. The customer told us immediately after receiving the low loader trailer for sale and told us that the 40ft low loader trailer reached the destination very smoothly, the packaging was completed and there was no damage. They also hope that the low loader for sale will be put into use as soon as possible and create greater value for them.

TITAN's Low Loader trailer will spray thick wax on the outer layer and wrap it with rain cloth to prevent seawater erosion. There are some unscrupulous merchants, in order to save costs and maximize profits, there is no wax and rain cloth. When the final customer received the semi-trailer, a large area of ​​the semi-trailer was rusted. Compared with these unscrupulous merchants, TITAN's service quality is more humane and more textured.


Used Low Loader for Sale  Tri34 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale Price


How does a low loader work?

When loading mechanical equipment on a low loader trailer, it is usually loaded from the rear of the low loader trailers, that is, by moving the mechanical equipment from the rear wheel frame or removing the wheels, and then fixing the mechanical equipment to the low loader.

When loading mechanical equipment on a low bed trailer, the mechanical equipment is usually loaded from the rear of the semi-trailer, that is, the mechanical equipment is moved from the rear wheel frame or the wheels are removed, and then the mechanical equipment is fixed on the semi-trailer on.

Equipped with a fixed neck at the front and a climbing ramp at the rear of the Tri axle lowbed trailer, no need procedure to detach neck, just put down the mechanical/hydraulic ramp then you can load and unload equipment directly. By this means construction machines need the strong ability to climb the high ramp. Loaded by a ramp at the rear side of the trailer, because of trailer wheels, the height of the rear side is higher, so the loading ramp should be very long then the machine able to climb on it. 


Used Low Loader for Sale  Tri34 Axle Low Loader Trailer for Sale Price


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Khurseed from Zambia - 2022-01-05T14:01:08+0800
This is very good low loader trailer for my work, it has transported well for over 90 days without any problem, I wil try more works with it. This is the perfect low loader for sale and I would like to recommend to my friends.
Abdirahim from Djibouti - 2021-12-22T15:12:59+0800
I was looking for a low loader trailer that was big enough for the projects I am working on. This low loader for sale is just as sturdy as it looks in the pictures.
Chisdale from Malawi - 2021-12-10T10:12:37+0800
After weeks of researching, I finally made the purchase tri axle low loader trailer for sale from TITAN. Although Jacky has sent me the finished picture and video, we are more looking forward to receiving the finished product.
kamwambi from Malawi - 2021-12-09T15:12:07+0800
I am honored to visit TITAN's factory in 2019, a very professional supplier, and now it is the third year of cooperation with TITAN. The frame of the low loader trailer is made of Q460C high-strength structural steel, and its carrying capacity is 5 times that of ordinary low loader for sale.


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