Reasons for the fracture of the lowbed trailer main beam

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-05-18

Low bed truck trailer main beam is the most important part, and its importance is self-evident. Everyone doesn't want the main beam of their lowbed semi trailer broken. What are the reasons for the fracture of the low bed semi trailer beam?

Here is a summary of the reasons for the fracture of the step deck trailer beam. You can look at it and try to avoid it when purchasing and using the semi trailer.

TITAN 3 alxes 80 tons lowbed trailer for saleTITAN 3 alxes 80 tons lowbed trailer for sale


I. Factory's Reason

1. The low bed truck trailer beam uses poor quality steel

The most direct and easiest reason to understand is that the steel quality of the beam used in the factory is not good enough to carry the designed load capacity, which causes the beam to break.

2. Reduce the size of the beam

Secondly, in order to save costs, the trailer factory reduced the size of the beam. It was originally a 14mm thick slab, but reduced to 10mm thick, and the customer did not know. It also pulled the goods according to the 14mm thick load capacity. It makes sense.

3. Stitching beam web

In addition to reducing the size of the beams, the webs of some beams are connected by two shorter steels. The load bearing capacity must be much worse than the entire one. It can be said that the low bed truck trailer beams are “broken” when leaving the factory. You must pay attention to check.

4. Welding is not good

In addition to the fracture of the web, there is also the phenomenon of cracking of the lower wing plate. There are two main reasons for this. One is the technical problems of the welder, and the other is the unstable voltage during welding, which is not good.

5. Deceived by unscrupulous salesman

In addition to the reasons for so many factorys mentioned above, there is another point that must be noted. Prevent deception by some salesmen. In order to grab orders, the price of some salesmen is too low, and the original lowbed semi trailer does not make money or even lose money. They can only reduce the configuration of the semi trailer to achieve profit.

TITAN 3 axle low bed trailer main beamTITAN 3 axle low bed trailer main beam


2. Reasons for customers use

In addition to the reasons for the trailer factory above, because of improper use by customers, many cases of lowbed semi trailer beam breakage.

1. Overload

The biggest reason is long-term overload. This is easy to understand. The load capacity exceeds the designed value of the trailer. The beam cannot bear the weight of the cargo and causes fracture.

2. Welding operation on the beam

It is strictly forbidden to weld on the semi trailer beam. Currently, the trailer beam is mostly high strength steel.

3. In mountainous areas, the beam is subjected to excessive distortion

Trailers that often run in mountainous areas are prone to break beams. The torsion force of trailers that run in mountainous areas is much greater than that of flat roads. The specifications of the upper and lower wings and webs of the beams must be larger, otherwise the beams are likely to broken.

3 axle low bed trailer main beam in production3 axle low bed trailer main beam in production


How to prevent the beam of the low bed truck trailer from breaking?

From the reasons for the broken beams above, when buying a trailer, choose a reputable salesman and a large manufacturer. Don't just look at the price, you can avoid too much trouble. Then be sure to pay attention when using, do not overload, weld the beam without permission, but also pay attention to the road conditions.


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