Basic Specifications of Container Chassis Semi Trailer

TITAN VEHICLE | 2020-05-19

Container chassis semi-trailer is used to transport containers, and container chassis trailers have different shapes and sizes. Each of its major components and system quality will be useful for the trailer you buy or rent. Below we will introduce the specifications, application, drawing and maintenance of container chassis trailers.

Specifications of Container Skeletal Trailer

   Axle: According to the axle configuration, a 30-ton axle with 2 axles is usually obtained. For this option, the maximum weight of a 40-foot container is 25 tons. We can also customize 3-axis container chassis according to different needs. All these options will be provided to you according to your needs.

   Size: Container chassis trailers come in different sizes and can hold 20-foot or 40-foot containers. There are also some containers suitable for carrying 45-foot containers, if you need more special design, we can provide customized services.

   Load capacity: Our trailer has a load capacity of 20 to 60 tons. However, for most containers to be transported, the 20-ton option is sufficient. This is a very important aspect when choosing a container chassis trailer.

   Design: Due to its application and use, container chassis trailers are made of high-strength materials. It is a rugged structure designed to provide you with the services you need without having to do a lot of manufacturing work through high-quality welding techniques that have been tried and tested to ensure that the skeletal trailer meets high quality standards .

   Tires: Be sure to confirm the laws and regulations regarding tire configuration in your country. Some countries only allow the use of a single tire option, which means that if you choose this option, you need to allocate tires appropriately for the container moving trailer.

Basic Specifications of Container Chassis Semi Trailer

Application of skeleton trailer

1. Specially used for transportation of various containers. It can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength.

2. Use containers to transfer goods, which can be loaded directly in the consignor's warehouse and shipped to the consignee's warehouse for unloading. When replacing the tri axle chassis for sale or ship midway, there is no need to take the goods out of the box and replace them.

3. It can be quickly loaded and unloaded, and it can be directly and conveniently changed from one transportation tool to another transportation tool.

4. Terminal trailer is easy to load and unload the goods to meet the individual needs of customers.

Basic Specifications of Container Chassis Semi Trailer

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Maintenance of shipping container trailer

1. Before the new skeleton container is put into use, it should be prepared for inspection in accordance with the requirements of the “Instructions”. Tighten all external bolts and nuts once.

2. After the new skel trailer travels 30-50 kilometers at the beginning, it should be checked whether there is high heat or noise at the hub and suspension bearings. If abnormalities are found, the cause should be found in time and removed.

3. The parts of the new car are in the running state within the first 300 kilometers. During this period, the weight of the trailer should not exceed 80% of the rated load, and it is not suitable to drive on the muddy road.

4. For the use and maintenance of diesel engines and high-pressure oil pumps, please refer to the instruction manual of the accessory parts.

5. After the new car travels 300-500 kilometers, all bolts and nuts should be tightened once.

6. After the container chassis for sale near me has been in use for 6 months, a comprehensive inspection will be conducted every 12 months to ensure the performance of the vehicle (including maintenance at the 6th month).

1)  Remove the brake drum and thoroughly check the brake shoes for no additional or unjustified wear;

2) Check the brake shoe return spring, brake bushing, camshaft sleeve, brake shoe roller, etc. for damage;

3) Check the connecting parts of bearings and axles;

Basic Specifications of Container Chassis Semi Trailer

Shipment of container chassis semi trailer

Many customers use the method of container transportation, which has low transportation cost and short transportation time.

Some customers choose bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. Before the TITAN skeleton trailer is shipped, the container trailer is sprayed with wax and covered with a tarpaulin.

Basic Specifications of Container Chassis Semi Trailer

In the port, it is definitely necessary to use container chassis semi trailer, which can directly transport containers and improve work efficiency. Depending on the weight and size of the goods to be transported, you can choose from a variety of container chassis trailers designed for different applications and uses.

There are some containers with a simple design that lock the container to the chassis with a lock ready for shipping, and some containers with an adjustable chassis to fit containers of different sizes.


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